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"The Piano Tuner is a Piano's Best Friend."

We offer a complete servicing for your piano.

"Piano Diagnostics"

This service gives us the ability to look over your piano and diagnose what issues it may be having. Simply "tuning" a piano sometimes is only treatment of a symptom. We need to always find any issues your piano is having and correct them. We offer a complete service for humidity control along with tuning.

"Tuning and Voicing"

We will tune your piano to the standard A 440 Pitch and set your temperament. We also have the ability to adjust the voicing if you have keys that sound muffled or too bright. through some slight hammer adjustments this can often be corrected on site.


If you desire cosmetic repairs made to your piano, we can make plans to do those type of repairs during the diagnostics portion. Some restorations are small and can be done on site. Others may require disassembly  of some parts or  moving  the piano entirely to the shop. In consideration that cosmetic restorations are often expensive and time consuming, we promise to advise according to the pianos value and give you all options available and allow you time to make a decision on it. We never want you to feel pressed or guided into anything that could leave you with a larger bill than you planed for. Transparency is always a guarantee with Sheridan.

" Moving"

Pianos can weigh anywhere from  300lbs to 1500lbs  depending on size and material used. We understand this, and are aware that while you may not want to bother someone to assist with moving your piano across the room, you can damage you instrument, your home, and yourself by attempting to do this alone. We have the equipment needed to safely move your piano across the room or across town. Please do not risk damages, let us help.

"Certified Piano Life Saver Technician"

Pianos are  comprised primarily of wood. Moisture control is crucial to the longevity of the piano. We are proud to be a part of the Piano Life Saver Family as an authorized dealer and installer. The Piano Life Saver monitors the moisture levels of the piano and dehumidifies or humidifies when needed. 

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